What if you could AVOID pulling your boat & dock out of the water and paying for storage this winter?

YUP, it's possible.. Canadian winters can bring on some brutal temperatures and a lot of ice...

But thanks to our De-Icing services, you never worry about ice damage again.  

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The most powerful option for maintaining a waterfront.

This non-turbulent flow is capable of moving and circulating large quantities of water and quickly oxygenates a lake. (Picture a fish-tank with an air-pump.)

This service is perfect for keeping weeds, muck, and algae out of your waterfront.

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Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Our lake weed harvester is an aquatic machine specifically designed to cut and harvest underwater weeds, and other aquatic plant life with minimal disruption.

Lake Weed Harvesting is one of the best tools to reduce large amounts of weeds in large areas and it’s proven to benefit lake water quality.

Simply put, your lake can finally breathe again!

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The MobiTrac is a heavy-duty amphibious machine which can work both on land and in water.

This process is gentle enough to maintain golf course ponds without damaging the fairways and grounds.

Pond-Scaping not only makes your waterfront look amazing... but also restores oxygen back into the water for a healthier ecosystem.

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Aquatic Weed Screening

Our reliable screening equipment effectively controls unwanted weed growth.

This screen blocks and deflects the sun from penetrating the aquatic weeds which stops the plants from synthesizing and eventually they stop growing.

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Kasco’s JF series floating fountain is an effective way to add oxygen and circulate the top layer of water in your pond or lake, improving overall ecosystem health

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