Enjoy a Weedless-Waterfront

Successfully clearing weeds from waterfronts across Canada for over two decades.

Weeds B' Gone - Aquatic Muck and Weed Removal ServicesWeeds B’ Gone is a family owned and operated company specializing in the removal of muck, weeds, and algae from bodies of water across Canada. Primarily servicing the Kawartha Lakes and Port Severn region in Ontario, our dedicated team works hard to meet your specific waterfront needs. We provide services and products that solve the many problems caused by excessive vegetation, whether it be in ponds, lakes, or reservoirs. Over the past twenty years, we have acquired a reputation for delivering excellent customer service, and we are very proud of that fact.

In partnership with Lake Savers and CLEAN-FLO, Weeds B’ Gone has made significant contributions to improving water quality in the United States by installing continuous laminar flow inversion oxygenation systems. Because these aeration systems do not have the adverse environmental impacts associated with chemicals and mechanical harvesting technologies, they are the most natural and effective long term solution to dealing with our water quality problems. Over the past five years, Weeds B’ Gone has installed over 55 of these systems in Southern Ontario, with results of muck reduction from 4-6 inches per season, less weeds, cleaner water, more fish, and an overall more enjoyable waterfront experience.