Enjoy a Weedless-Waterfront

Our reliable screening equipment effectively controls unwanted weed growth.

Screening is the most efficient tool for controlling aquatic weeds. At Weeds B’ Gone, we install our very own designed and manufactured screening to prevent the growth of unwanted vegetation. Covering an area of 672 square feet, our closely-woven fiberglass screening is superior to many other weed screening products available on the market. In addition to sand tube weights, which keep the screening firmly in place, the porous material of the mats allows oxygen to pass through, preventing the build-up of gas that can cause the screening to rise to the top.

Our skillful team will come to your property to install the desired amount of screening needed to keep your waterfront weed-free. The screening will be applied flat and overlapping to prevent weed growth from coming through. One kit covers an area of 672 square feet (24x28f) there is a minimum requirement of 2 kits for installation. 2 kits installed are $3100.00 plus Hst 

We offer a Do It Yourself Weed Screening Kit for those who would prefer to install the mats themselves. Available for purchase on our website. Mats are installed per 8x28ft. sheet of screening, covering a total area of 672 square feet (24x28ft.).

Weeds B’ Gone’s aquatic weed screening is relatively low maintenance. To prevent growth of weeds on top of the screens, the mats need to be taken out, cleaned, and placed back approximately once every two years.