Enjoy a Weedless-Waterfront

The most powerful option for maintaining a weedless waterfront.

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Weeds B’ Gone uses continuous laminar flow inversion oxygenation systems, an extremely effective means for enhancing the aesthetics of your waterfront property. These aeration systems deliver oxygen to oxygen-deprived levels of the water column, creating a natural, vertical circulation pattern that facilitates the further mixing of anoxic water with oxygenated water. By targeting the low level of dissolved oxygen due to stratification, aeration can reduce phosphorous, nitrogen, and muck, thereby improving water quality and reducing algae and weed growth. Aeration is also an environmentally friendly approach, not relying on the use of chemicals or mechanical harvesting techniques to control unwanted aquatic vegetation.

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We sell and install aeration systems of varying sizes, from as small as 100x100ft. to as large as 100 acres with our continuous laminar flow systems. We can custom fit aeration systems based on your specific needs. Soundproof housing is an option for the compressors to eliminate noise. We also service the equipment and follow up with sonar scans to ensure the product is working properly. Aeration is a long-term solution, and results will not be noticeable until the system has had time to work. These aeration systems are safe for boating and other recreational activities.

The Airstream

When thinking about aerating your waterfront, also think about the Airstream and Airstream Pro. These can be combined with inversion oxygenation systems to enhance aeration and circulation. Click for more information.

Airstream Pro - Aquatic Weed Aeration