Enjoy a Weedles-Waterfront

Cut your way to a wonderful waterfront.

Weeds B’ Gone provides a Weed Harvesting service for those interested in removing excessive vegetation from their waterfront. Our experienced staff will come to your property, work with you to determine the appropriate weed cutting area, and then remove the weeds from your lake or pond using our water weed removal boat, Water Weedsickle, Aquatic Weed Cutter, and Lake Rake. Once the weeds have been removed, we are then able to install our Aquatic Weed Screen to ensure that your weeds remain under control.

Our Weed Harvesting service is priced at $975.00 per 6400 square feet (80x80ft.), and the harvesting process typically lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on the weather and the types of weeds that need to be cut. Once the weeds have been gathered from the water, they are placed on the shoreline for customers to dispose of. Our team can also dispose of the weeds if the service is required.

For those who would prefer to harvest the weeds themselves, Weeds B’ Gone recommends our Aquatic Weed Cutter and Lake Rake, as well as the Water Weedsickle (depending on your waterfront needs). Additionally, for those who would prefer to install the aquatic weed screen themselves, we recommend our Do It Yourself Weed Screening Kit.