What is "Aquatic Weed Harvesting"?

Our lake weed harvester gathers weeds and raises them onto conveyor belts.

Using as little surface pressure as possible, this machine avoids damaging soil and surroundings while clearing water weeds, and muck– making it very ideal for natural parks, and reserves.

From there, we store the vegetation to be dried and reused as mulch or animal feed.

Benefits of Aquatic Weed Harvesting:

  • Provides aquatic weed control
  • Improves water quality
  • Reduces muck
  • Removes harmful gases & bacteria
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Collects all floating debris and algae

What happens after the service is complete?

The harvesting process typically lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on the weather and the types of weeds that need to be cut.

Once the weeds have been gathered from the water, they are placed on the shoreline for customers to dispose of.

(Our team can also dispose of the weeds if the service is required!)

Watch this video to learn more!

If you think Aquatic Weed Harvesting is right for you, or you have more questions... Contact us!