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Restore your pond's health with our custom-designed aeration systems

Pond Maintenance for Aquatic Water Weeds and MuckRegular pond maintenance is an effective way to guard against increasing nutrient loads and sediment that leads to poor water quality. At Weeds B' Gone, we develop pond aeration sytems that provide much-needed oxygen to your pond, restoring its health in the process. Installing an aeration system in your pond will stimulate the growth of a beneficial aquatic ecosystem and help control unwanted algae and weed growth.

Our team begins with an assessment of your pond's condition to determine the exact specifications required to build an aeration system that will achieve the results you're looking for. We also provide a recommendation for bio-augmentation (i.e., adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes) to accelerate water quality improvements.

The design and installation of our aeration systems is subject to quote based on the size and location of your pond. For those eager to handle pond maintenance on their own, we also sell a variety of products on-line. We recommend using C-FLO+ if you are not using an aeration system, since C-FLO+ has its own oxygen source. All other bacterias listed on our web site should be used along with aeration as these bacterias do not contain an oxygen source.