What is "De-Icing"?

Our De-Icer’s prevent ice from forming around the dock by continuously circulating the water below the docks and boats.

This constant laminar flow technology results in an ice-free area protecting your boat, dock, pier, marinas, and aquatic sheds.

We offer this solution as a done-for-you service .... OR you can also purchase one of our DIY De-Icer's.

What makes the WBG De-Icer unique from others on the market?

Traditional de-icer's are placed vertically in the water -- therefore they only cover a minimal amount of area, and you'd most likely need to purchase multiple.

OUR De-Icer is engineered to have the perfect tilt -- blowing across more surface area and being more effective -- with just ONE mounted to your dock!

DID YOU KNOW... Our De-Icer can be used ALL YEAR ROUND!

During the winter months, our De-Icer will prevent any ice from forming around your boar & dock.

And during the summer months this product can be used as a preventative measure to keep away aquatic weeds!

1 product, 2 incredible benefits... alllll year round.

Watch this video to learn more!

If you'd like to know if De-Icing is the right solution for you, contact us below!