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The 360 Oscillator (50ft. cord)

The 360 Oscillator (50ft. cord)

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The 360 Oscillator (also known as the "360 Aqua Thruster") is a tool that allows your Aqua Thruster to move in a 360 degrees motion and start and stop at any location. This unit is very handy for setting it and forgetting it.

You will have a set up option to start at one desired location and end in a other.

You do not need to spin this unit in a 360 but does have that capability.

Most users running this on the end of the dock would use about 180 degree to fan an area around the front of you dock.  This unit move's every 20 minutes and moves 20 degrees. 

You can leave this running all the time when you are not there and it will cover the area you have it set to.

This is the best and most effective way to clear a large area of floating weeds, muck , Sticks or leaves away from your waterfront with no effort.

Order one today to enjoy your cottage even more. 


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