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Premium Treatment Package

Premium Treatment Package

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The first step in Aeration is  Increasing oxygen throughout the water column which allows us to start a sequence of events that provide aquatic weed control, improve water quality, reduce organic muck, nutrients, odor, harmful gases, coliform bacteria, nuisance algae growth and at the same time improve the fish growth and health.

 The second step in bringing the proper balance back to a lake is bioaugmentation (Treatments). This involves the use of aerobic beneficial bacteria and enzymes which break down organic muck similar to a compost pile in your backyard, denitrifying bacteria to reduce nitrogen availability and a blend of minerals which promote healthy diatom growth to clean the water. Consistent use of these products over time will reduce nutrient availability and help keep the water clean and healthy. Natural aerobic bacteria and micro-organisms begin to consume the organic muck and nutrients, aquatic insects feed on the bacteria and increase the natural food source for fish, and water quality improvements provide safer swimming conditions. Reduced organic sediments help aquatic weed control by reducing the nutrient mix they are growing in.


This includes:

• 2lbs of Winter Warrior 1lb to be applied early spring after system has been running for at least 2 days. 1lb in the fall beginning of October. Just pour evenly around diffusers.

All other treatment's are to be applied when the water hits 65 degree's roughly at the end of June. Be sure to use all treatments in one dose, leaving you one gallon of winter warrior for the fall.

• 1 Gallon of Clean And Clear Enzymes (pour evenly around diffusers)

• 1 Gallon Bio-Booster (pour evenly around the diffusers)

• 1LB of Cflo+ muck reduction pucks with oxygen source (spread where you usually get heavy weeds and muck.)

• 50 LB Bag of muck reduction pellets (for wide spread of treatments)

• 1 set of filters are included in the treatment package

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