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3/4 HP Weeds B' Gone Muck Blaster (50ft. cord)

3/4 HP Weeds B' Gone Muck Blaster (50ft. cord)

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The 3/4 HP WBG Muck Blaster is a powerful blower that can clear away and prevent lake muck, weeds, algae, and other various debris from both the bottom and surface of your body of water.


We recommend the ¾ hp WBG Muck Blaster unit as it is the most effective for cottage owners.

The ¾ hp unit will blast the muck 25-30 feet depending on the density of the bottom of the water, lake or pond. This will push water about 60 feet away if mounted near the surface of the water. This is most effective because it is light and easy to move around for storage or from dock to dock.


The 3/4 hp unit is able to operate in water as shallow as 24". 15 amp breaker recommended. Total Component Listed to meet  UL and CSA Standards for safety in Water.

2 Year Warranty.

***BONUS -- add the "360 Oscillator" for maximum coverage.***

The 360 Oscillator is a tool that allows your WBG Muck Blaster to move in a 360 degrees motion and start and stop at any location. This unit is very handy for setting it and forgetting it.

You will have a set up option to start at one desired location and end in a other.

You do not need to spin this unit in a 360 but does have that capability. Most users running this on  the end of the dock would use about 180 degree to fan an area around the front of your dock.

 If you do not add the oscillator to your order you will receive a rotational pole mount where you would rotate this unit manually. You can see how this works by watching the video below.





6.0 amps (115v), 1650 Rotations per minute (RPM), 1275 Gallons per Minute (GPM),  24 pounds of thrust.


Patented heavy-duty Venturi housing designed for superior water flow and motor/propeller protection.

Power Cable:

SJTOW UL & CSA Approved Underwater Rated Cable-Available in 50', or 100' in    115V with Quick Disconnect Power in 16/3 gauge. 


(4 legs bolts , 2 set screws , 2 big hose clamps to clamp the motor to the pitch angle bracket and one Standard quick release bracket 5' rotational pole or Oscillator)


 If you require a different mounting bracket please call store so we can adjust your order before processing.(905)373-4422

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