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1 HP De-Icer (100 ft cord)

1 HP De-Icer (100 ft cord)

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What if you could AVOID pulling your boat & dock out of the water and paying for storage this winter?

YUP, it's possible... using our Weeds B' Gone "De-Icer"!

Canadian winters can bring on some brutal temperatures and a lot of ice... But thanks to our De-Icer, you never worry about ice damage again.  

How does our Weeds B’ Gone De-Icer work?

Our De-Icer’s prevent ice from forming around the dock by continuously circulating the water below the docks and boats.

This constant laminar flow technology results in an ice-free area protecting your boat, dock, pier, marinas, and aquatic sheds.

Did you know... Our De-Icer can be used ALL YEAR ROUND!

During the winter months, our De-Icer will prevent any ice from forming around your boat & dock.

And during the summer months this product can be used as a preventative measure to keep away aquatic weeds!

1 product, 2 incredible benefits... alllll year round.

What makes the WBG De-Icer unique from others on the market?

Traditional de-icer's are placed vertically in the water -- therefore they only cover a minimal amount of area, and you'd most likely need to purchase multiple.

OUR De-Icer is engineered to have the perfect tilt -- blowing across more surface area and being more effective -- with just ONE mounted to your dock!


Looking for even MORE coverage with this incredible machine?

Click below for our De-Icer + Oscillator package!


We have a wide selection of sizes available:

3/4 and 1HP unit sizes and can easily be mounted to your dock with our state of the art mount kit (sold separately.)

For more information, please contact your Weeds B Gone / De-Icer specialist and we will be happy to make your boat and dock ice-free this winter!

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