What is Aeration?

(AKA Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion Oxygenation System)

Our inversion systems are designed using variously sized compressors (based on the application and size) along with our self-sinking airline and micro-porous ceramic diffusers that supply a steady stream of microbubbles from the bottom to the surface of your waterfront.

This non-turbulent flow is capable of moving and circulating large quantities of water and quickly oxygenates a lake. (Picture a fish-tank with an air-pump.)

How Aeration Positively Impacts Your Waterfront:

  • Provides aquatic weed control
  • Improves water quality
  • Reduces muck
  • Removes harmful gases & bacteria
  • Reduces algae growth
  • And improves the lifestyle and health of the water & fish below.

More about our Waterfront Aeration Systems:

  • We sell and install aeration systems of varying sizes, from as small as 100x100ft to as large as 100 acre lakes with our continuous laminar flow systems.
  • We custom fit aeration systems based on your specific needs. Soundproof housing is an option for the compressors to eliminate noise. We also service the equipment.
  • Aeration is a long-term solution, and results will not be noticeable until the system has had time to work. These aeration systems are safe for boating and other recreational activities.

Overall, consistent use of these products over time will improve the quality of the water & provide safer swimming conditions for you and the aquatic life.


"Weeds B Gone installed a lake aeration system in May 2020 and after one season we already started to notice a drastic reduction in weeds and muck. The system is easy to use and any questions we did have were responded to quickly. Wonderful customer service still exists!"

- Kevin Harding


"We have used a Weeds B' Gone blower for 4 years. It has significantly reduced the weeds in the swimming area on our waterfront.

We tried several other weed reduction options and this is the ONLY one that works. Using WeedsBGone has changed the enjoyment of our property for us, our kids and our grandkids.

It is a reliable and effective product. We are VERY grateful. Thank you!!!"

-Daine Pick 


"WeedsBGone team including Trish in their office have provided outstanding customer service and stood behind their products past my expectations! I am extremely impressed with them and have great confidence in their reputation and trustworthy actions. Highly recommend them!"

- Kimberlee Hains 


"Incredible product. Will clean all your weeds away in no time. Wish we got this years ago. Rick is a pleasure to deal with both when we purchased our 1 ton aqua thruster and when he serviced it for us. We would recommend this product and company in a heartbeat."

- Mary Dupont


"We are pleased with the performance of the Weeds B Gone product. The swimming area that is about 6 feet deep has been cleared and for about 30 - 40 feet out from the dock.

The oscillator works well and allows us to run the unit at night as well as during the day without adjusting the flow direction. Ideal to start using the product in the spring to clear silt etc before the weeds start to grow. Very pleased overall!"

- John Gow


"We have a 1 HP thruster and oscillator .We bought it on recommendation from our son-in-law because our waterfront is so heavy with weeds .This will be our 3 rd season
A neighbor also purchased one last year .

Couldn't be more pleased with the product .If we didn't have it we wouldn't have been able to keep our boat at our place or to fish from the dock as well as the aesthetics .We needed some service this year which was excellent and done in a timely manner .Great people to deal with"

- Lorri Smith



"We purchased the oscillator and thruster last year which produced great results clearing the silt from our swim area. We wanted a larger area cleared and installed the aeration system this year. The process and business was smooth from start to finish. Great informative information and communication. We are seeing results already."

- Al Quin 


"Nick and Trish at Weeds B Gone have been a pleasure to deal with. From the initial purchase through subsequent discussions, the service has been impeccable.

I strongly recommend the 3/4HP Thruster as it does an amazing job clearing silt, weeds and debris.

- Andrew Jordan 


"Super service! Caught Nick on his way out but he stayed and repaired the cable on my aqua thruster even without an appointment. Thanks Nick! I can't do without the thruster.. makes a huge difference to my lakefront, clearing over 8 inches of sediment."

- Paul Hart 


"I am using 3/4 HP truster with oscillator 2 nd season. It is a great product. Everything it is doing is above my expectation."

- Alex Khuziyev 


"I wanted to send you a thank you for the screening you placed at our Polar Plunge.  We had a very successful fund raiser thanks to your donation. The plungers appreciate your system and how it helps to keep the mud in the lake."

- Judy, Chair at Polar Plunge Committee, Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary


"Just wanted to thank you again for the cottage show deal on the new weed matts. My first set worked perfectly for 5 years, now we will replace them. The product works just as advertised and gives our family a huge clear swim area off the end of our dock."

- The Hutter Family


"Joe, having installed a boat lift last summer for my new Power boat I really wanted to leave it in place through the winter. Your bubbler system made it possible to have a worry free winter without any damage to the lift as the ice was kept clear throughout the long winter season. Thank you."

 - Grant Mcdonald


"I was just the cottage life show and bumped into the guys at Weeds B Gone. I bought your product self installing weeds mat screens and this will be my 3rd summer. They work great, we enjoy our waterfront 10 times more now than previously. Our shoreline maintenance is almost none existent. We tried another competitors product and it was a waste of money.  I have recommended this product to many of my friends, fellow cottagers, and will continue."

 - Nathan






If you'd like to know if aeration is the right solution for you, contact us below!