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Sonar Image Scanning


The scan's determines the composition of the bottom of any body of water, done by third party verification. The company we use is call BIO-BASE. The grey area is soft organic matter (MUCK)  while the brown is a firmer bottom and red indicates hard bottom. You can see over the years the muck is being reduced at a fraction of the cost of dredging. We are achiving this by useing our continuous lamiar flow aeration systems and treating with benifical bacterias and enzyems. Resluts are shown below also click link to view detailed presentation on aeration and how it works.

2020 Aeration Presentation with results and quote 

Lagoon City Brechin Ontario

This Project was undertaken by the finacial support of enviornment canada and climate change.

Trent Port Marina Sonar Image Scans From 2017 to 2019