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Winter Warrior


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During late Fall and Winter seasons, water temperatures fall below 13°C in many areas of the world. This decrease in the temperature slows down the growth process of bacteria that breakdown organic pollutants and reduces the benefits of bio augmentation by over 85%. Such reduced efficiency can lead to increased nutrients and organic muck build-up, resulting in increased algae and weed growth once the water temperature increases.

Winter Warrior™  is a nutrient reduction technology that adapts to these lower water temperatures and continues to function in a broad temperature range (1-24°C). It improves biological activity and water quality by reducing carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, BOD, COD, and muck formation. It will also reduce odors and long chain aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

This product can be used in any sized water body as well as other polluted sites. It is excellent for spring fed waters where temperature is consistently on the cooler side. Use of a CLEAN-FLO inversion aeration system will also enhance the effectiveness of Winter Warrior™.

To apply, shake the container well and apply over diffuser boils and/or broadcast around the surface of a water body. The application rate is 1 gallon per acre-foot. To determine the acre-feet of your water body, multiply the surface acres by the average depth, or divide the total volume in gallons by 325,850. Winter Warrior™ can be applied any time, but normally best in Fall and early Spring.


SAFETY: When used as directed, this product is safe for the environment. Avoid inhalation of fine droplets.

STORAGE: This product should be sealed in its original container at room temperature.

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