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Kasco 3/4 HP Muck Blaster (50 ft. cord)

Kasco 3/4 HP Muck Blaster (50 ft. cord)

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The Kasco 3/4 HP Muck Blaster helps to protect, clean & maintain your shoreline & beach.

This multi-purpose lake muck blower will exceed your expectations when used properly. 

It is the best lake weed control product for getting rid of & preventing lake muck, dead lake weeds, algae, leaves, twigs and other debris on the lake bottom, and floating on the surface. The 3/4 hp will clear the weeds and muck up to 30-40 feet. 

50' cord all hardware and standard dock mount is included.

If you want this product to rotate as much or as little as needed (0-360 degrees) -- check out our package WITH oscillator included!

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