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Airstream Pro - Weeds B Gone

Airstream Pro


1HP model can be used with a 110-volt service, and a 15-amp circuit


The Airstream Pro is ideal for reducing muck, weeds, and algae without the use of harmful chemicals. By increasing circulation and oxygen throughout the water, the Airstream Pro can effectively reduce the phosphorous, nitrogen, and carbon that leads to excessive weed and algae growth.

Easy to install, reliable, and durable, the Airstream Pro can be used to reverse water stagnation in a channel, canal, cove, bay, or marina. A 1HP model can be used with a 110-volt service and a 15-amp circuit.

To achieve full circulation and aeration in larger bodies of water, multiple Airstream units can be used, or it can be combined with other technologies such as our continuous laminar flow inversion oxygenation systems. We also have models for smaller applications such as ponds.


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